A new exhibition has been opened at Foxton Locks, showcasing what it was like to work and live along the canal in the 19th century. The Boilerhouse displays a range of exhibits, including an interactive game where visitors can stoke the boiler to create optimal conditions for the Inclined Plane, an enticing theatre and an app available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that brings the boats back to life. (‘Foxton Discovery’ £3.99 in app purchase to unlock the full virtual experience.)

Martin Peters, Chief Executive of Leicester Shire Promotions comments: “The development of The BoilerHouse at Foxton Locks has created a major new visitor experience in Leicestershire, providing people with a virtual window into the sights of the Victorian waterways and the unique Inclined Plane boat lift at Foxton.”

All technology from the exhibit was delivered in partnership with Holovis and was designed at the company’s Innovation Campus in Lutterworth. A lot of hard work was put in to transform what was previously the Foxton Canal museum. The Boilerhouse displays similar things in new and innovative ways making it the perfect addition to what was already a fantastic place to visit.

Learn more in an article in the Loughborough Echo here.


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The Boilerhouse at Foxton Locks

The Boilerhouse at Foxton Locks. Image from goleicestershire.com