With times changing and technology advancing, it’s hard to keep track of what’s changed in our surroundings and what hasn’t. It’s even harder to imagine what our country looked like 200 years ago.

However, Foxton Locks flights don’t seem to have changed at all with the historic canal locks still looking very similar to how they looked during the 19th Century.

This year will be the 200th anniversary of when the locks were built and to celebrate, the Canal River Trust have released photographs of the locks from when they were built so you can see how well they have been preserved. Built by architect Benjamin Bevan between 1810 and 1814, the locks facilitate the Grand Union Canal and are the longest staircase of locks in Britain.

To mark the occasion there will be 3 days of celebration. This weekend, on Saturday 9th of August people will be encouraged to come along to hear live music from a local folk band playing traditional canal music and to enjoy stalls selling local goodies and food. As well as that, on Sunday the 10th of August there will be a parade of historic boats from Northamptonshire.

Foxton Locks is home to much more than the historic flights, enjoy walks around the area, a day trip on a canal boat or a visit to the Foxton Locks Inn. Drop in for a bite to eat or a drink, or book now on 0116 279 1515.