This year’s Foxton Locks Festival was a massive success, gathering in around 6,000 adults and 2,000 children. The festival held many activities such as live music, local food and craft stalls, a children’s fun fair and a miniature zoo as well as much more. The organiser of the event, Ann Bushby said, “It was an extremely successful weekend, especially considering the weather on Saturday was so-so”.

She added that she hoped the weekend would thousands of pounds for the Foxton Inclined Plane Trust which runs the popular event. “People know by now that the Foxton Locks Festival is a fantastic family day out”.

The Foxton Inclined Plane Trust is an independent charity who’s main concern is the preservation of the Victorian Barge Lift which ran from 1900 to 1911. They work closely with the Canal and River Trust to make Foxton one of the best waterway visitor sites in the country. Get more information on the trust here.


View images from the event over on the Foxton Locks Festival Facebook page or website .